Download a collection of micro games (more than 50 games) for PC

Download a collection of micro games (more than 50 games) for PC

Download micro games for PC

Collection for you dear users today Micro games I put it with the micro converter. Micro-games may seem like a bunch of graphic and از games to today’s teens, but believe me, these simple games are a lot of fun for people who played them as children. It is not clear what series is in these simple and graphic games that even 30-year-olds are excited to see (after years).

Micro games like Super Mario, bomber, kung fu ، Tanks, Contra, Footballers (Japanese and English), RoboCup ، Ninja, Ninja Turtles, Fruit Eater, Double Dragon and Tetris (Brick Making) These are some of the games that you will be thrilled to see if you experience playing them in Micro And You count the moments to download them.

It is a good opportunity for those who have never seen even the micro to be close, and their number is not small, to experience this special feeling by playing micro games on the computer (without any changes in graphics and style, etc.) and it is a golden opportunity For people like me who spent their childhood with micro, soccer players, tanks And They ate mushrooms to go back to childhood and memories. You can now enter your childhood by downloading a collection of micro games (more than 50 games) for PC from Yas Download site. So do not miss this opportunity!

Features of micro games for PC:

– Very small size, only 6 MB
– Ability to play with keyboards and computer handles
– Includes more Micro games (More than 50 games)
– No changes in graphics, sound, style and… games
– Easy work with the converter and smooth and hassle-free execution of games with just 3 clicks

Download a collection of micro games (more than 50 games) for PC

Guide :

– There are 2 folders in the downloaded file. Navigate to the converter folder and run the Virtualnes.exe file. After executing the converter file, go to File and select Open! Now Play Select your favorite from the download folder.

– To set the category: Follow the path Options -> Controller, then click the desired buttons to set the category. Just as easily

Volume Size: 6.8 MB

Download Download: Download micro games | Auxiliary link

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