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Adobe AIR + Win / Mac adobe Integrated Runtime (SDK) is designed for multipurpose systems and is used to build rich Internet application packages and can be run on any platform, including Windows. In fact, Adobe Air works by allowing you to convert code written in HTML, Flash, ActionScript, and JavaScript to an RIA.

One of the advantages of Adobe AIR is that it has provided its users with a very beautiful and modern appearance and depending on the user’s taste. Software graphics have been dramatically enhanced by the use of GPU technology, which is also used in the gaming and HD movies industry. This software is able to increase the production level through high-resolution bitmap storage using 2D / 3D graphics and GPU acceleration.

Content stored inside Adobe Air software packages is protected by Adobe Software suite technology, a robust protection algorithm that allows it to work on a variety of business models, including electronic, subscription-based systems. And… provided. As a result, this software can be used as a reliable tool for installing applications developed by adobe Air. To download the latest software version Adobe Air Go to read more from Yas download site.

Key features of Adobe Air software:

– Ability to establish strong communication with existing customers

– Optimal increase of investment in the web

– Development and presentation of RIA using Adobe technology

– Build and develop rich Internet applications

– Increase productivity and customer satisfaction

– Reduce costs and increase profits

– And …

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