Download Altair PollEx 2021.0 x64

Download Altair PollEx 2021.0 x64 - PCB Design Software

Download Altair PollEx

| Printed circuit design (PCB) software

Altair PollEx 2021.0 x64 is the name of an advanced and powerful tool in the field of designing printed circuit boards (PCBs) Word used in electrical and mechanical systems, which has numerous and professional facilities, provides an integrated and ideal environment for professionals in this field so that people can design circuits. Do the printing in the best possible way. Design and engineering require a close look at the product and the system. If you are a professional designer and specialist in the field of mechanical design or electronic components, you are probably well acquainted with printed circuit boards and their widespread use in various fields of industry. In this article, from Yas Download site, we have prepared software for you, dear users, which provides you with extensive facilities in this field.

This professional software product, by providing an integrated and equipped graphic environment, enables you to start designing a model and examine your design from different dimensions. In addition, the software easily receives the information you need from different types of ECAD software so that you can do PCB design without any restrictions at the professional level. Now you can download Altair PollEx software for Windows with a direct link and for free from Yas site.

Features of Altair PollEx software:

– Possibility of professional modeling of PCB design with detailed details

– Ability to quickly search and find different types of objects, view topologies, compare designs with each other and…

– Ability to import and export information with other ECAD design products

– Ability to view schematics easily and quickly

– Having an integrated and graphical environment for modeling and designing printed circuit boards

Pictures of the software environment:

Altair PollEx.cover1 300x169 - Download Altair PollEx 2021.0 x64 - PCB Design Software

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