Download Andy 47.260.1096.26 x86 / x64 – Run Android on Windows

Download Andy 47.260.1096.26 x86 / x64 - Run Android on Windows

Download Andy

| Android emulator on Windows

Andy 47.260.1096.26 x86 / x64 is a powerful software for simulating Android on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows. With this program, set aside other restrictions and run Android programs and games on Windows and enjoy it. The best feature of this program compared to similar programs such as Blustacks It is advanced and powerful.

With this program, you will be able to use your mobile phone as a joystick. Through this program, use your hard drive space as an unlimited memory and install various social networking programs such as Viber and WhatsApp on Windows. The possibility of running Android games without restrictions is another feature of the program. You can now download Andy the Android Emulator software directly from Yas site.

Key features of Andy software:

– Run unlimited Android apps and games

– Ability to use the mobile phone as a joystick to control games in Windows

– Access to the latest version of Android on Windows

– Ability to install various social networking programs such as Viber

– Ability to connect to a Google account and manage it

– Unlimited use of hard drive space as memory

Compare three Android emulators with each other ( Click on the photo to view in large size )


Changes in the new version:

– Fixed software bugs

required system

– To run Andy, your graphics card driver must be up to date.

– And you must also enable Virtualization of your graphics card through the BIOS.

AMD or Intel Dual Core CPU that Supports : Virtualization
Windows 7/8.x x86 or x64
ALL of the latest Windows Updates
GPU with OpenGL 2.1 Support
Up to 20GB Free Disk Space
OpenGL ES 2.0 Capable Video Card


  • Format: EXE
  • Size: 462 + 898 MB
  • Source : Yas Download
  • Code:

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