Download App Builder 2021.39 x64 – Build a mobile application with HTML5

Download App Builder 2021.28 - Build a mobile application with HTML5

Download App Builder

| Build a mobile application with HTML5 |

App Builder 2021.39 x64 is a modern and new way to develop mobile applications using HTML5. There are dozens of visual and non-visual controllers in the environment of this software that you can only add them to the environment of this software by dropping. These controllers include controllers such as Timers, HTTP Clients, Text Inputs, Push Buttons and many other controllers used in mobile software development. The great thing about App Builder is that you do not need to be proficient in JavaScript to develop software using HTML5! In this software, you are dealing with a large number of actions that allow you to create powerful applications for almost any need.

Today, building mobile applications using HTML5 has attracted many fans. Because many users are interested in Android and iOS programming, the possibility of learning complex concepts of Java or Objective-C languages ​​or Swift HTML5 programming is a very convenient and easy way to develop powerful applications due to the possibility of running on various devices, which can be a good start in the initial steps of programming portable devices for you. You can now download the latest version of App Builder software from the read more of Yas website.

Features of App Builder software:

– Having a powerful designer

– Ability to use functional controllers for applications

– Ability to work with actions

– Having a debugger

– Integrated with AngularJS, Bootstrap and Cordova

Installation guide

– Install the program
– Copy and run the Patch.exe file (contained in the zip file you downloaded) in the program installation location
– Click on Patch


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