Download Appsforlife Koru 1.7.2 – 3D modeling software with WebGL

Appsforlife Koru - 3D modeling software with WebGL

Download Appsforlife Koru

| 3D model making software with WebGL |

Appsforlife Koru It is a simple software for creating 3D models for the web with WebGL and is considered as a one-step solution for building, decorating, animating, loading and sharing 3D models and helps you build models. Prepare for online display. This program allows you to load 3D objects in various formats, adjust the viewing angle and apply the desired items on them, and finally save the result for use on the website. An important point to note that can be considered the trump card of this tool is that the advanced 3D rendering of Appsforlife Koru ensures that the models built by it in any browser that supports WebGL Look the same.

It reads almost any popular 2D and 3D format. It also reads color profiles for images, supports CMYK and HDR images, and even reads PSD, AI and PDF files. This app has a large library of materials so you do not have to start over. This library includes metals, plastics, paints, glass, wood, paper and other items such as hot foil or UV spot materials. As for the user interface, the manufacturer believes that you are busy enough and do not have time to learn another program, so they have tried hard to hide all the complexities behind a good user interface.

Key features of Appsforlife Koru:

– Ability to take snapshots
– Complete library of materials
– High quality live preview
– Simple user interface
– Supports most 2D and 3D formats

Pictures of the software environment:

Appsforlife Koru - 3D modeling software with WebGL

Installation guide

– Install the program
– If you have antivirus installed on your Windows, disable it (if enabled, it will remove the program crack)
– Copy the contents of the Crack folder to the program installation location


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