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| System hardware performance and temperature monitoring software


Argus Monitor 5.2.07 is the name of a new and powerful software in the field of monitoring the performance of hardware in the system, through which you can ensure the correct operation of all parts of your computer. This program, which acts as a professional toolbox for system hardware, is able to track the performance of each component of the system separately under a magnifying glass and display detailed reports in this regard. As you know, the speed of execution of commands and the optimal performance of the system, requires the best cooperation of hardware components with each other. For example, when the system processor spends a lot of time processing commands, the performance of other components is completely overshadowed and system efficiency decreases.

Given that the performance of each hardware component of the system is interdependent, the current software allows you to independently track the performance of components under a magnifying glass and receive comprehensive reports in this regard. This program can show you the temperature of all system components in an instant so that you can have a comprehensive monitoring of the performance of each component by monitoring the temperature of each component at different time intervals. You can now download the latest version of Argus Monitor software from the read more of Yas website.




Features of Argus Monitor software:

– Ability to control and monitor the performance and temperature of system components comprehensively

– Ability to monitor the performance of the processor, graphics card, hard drive, motherboard and…

– Ability to display and control the speed of fans

– Suitable for optimizing the performance of graphics cards

– Prevent damage to parts at high temperatures

– Having a simple and user-friendly graphical environment


Pictures of the software environment:


Argus Monitor.cover1 300x171 - Download Argus Monitor 5.2.07 - System hardware performance and temperature monitoring software





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