Download Bliss OS x86 11.10 – Android 9.0 (Android Pie) for PC

Download Bliss OS (x86) - Android 9.0 (Android Pie) for PC

Download Bliss OS

| Android 9.0 (Android Pie) for PC |

Bliss OS (x86) 11.10 is the name of a new, attractive and open source project to experience the latest version of the Android operating system on the computer. As you know, over the past few years, a number of simulation tools have been published to enable the Android operating system experience on the computer, and we have put almost all of them at the service of you, dear visitors, with a complete and detailed introduction. It is enough to look at the collection Android emulator Download it on Yas website to run your favorite simulator on your computer with a quick and easy search. Currently, dozens of different emulators are available to experience the popular Android operating system in Windows, each of which has been optimized for a specific purpose. For example, some emulators are limited to running heavy games and graphics, and others are built solely to test applications for developers in the Android Studio environment. The big disadvantage that almost all of these emulators have is that in a simulated environment, you provide part of the system hardware to the simulator so that this environment can bring you a virtual experience of Android in the form of a Windows environment. . In fact, it can be said that none of these simulators fully provide a real experience of Android in computer hardware. Shortly afterwards, two remix OS OS (Remix OS) And Phoenix OS (Phoenix OS) Were published, which were relatively well received by users. These two operating systems made it possible to install and run Android directly on personal computers and laptops, which gradually escaped the attention of the audience due to the lack of fast and continuous updates.

Recently, we provided two completely independent versions of the open source project Android 7 and Android 8 (Android Nougat / Orio) for you dear ones, which, unlike the simulators, had a more up-to-date and stable version. In addition, the possibility of independent installation of these operating systems on the system was an important and significant advantage. Since the ninth version of the Android operating system, namely Android Pie, will be available to the public soon, in this article from the Yas Download site, we are at your service by introducing a new software project, with the help of which you can download Install the new popular Android 9.0 operating system on your computer. Bliss OS free operating system brings you an amazing, beautiful and stable Android pie experience on your PC. Installation and setup of this operating system is very simple and easy, and similar to other operating systems, all you have to do is put its image file on your flash memory and install it by booting the system. Bliss OS brings you an incredibly engaging experience of the Android 9.0 operating system with a beautiful graphical interface that can be installed on a variety of PCs, Chromebooks or even MacBooks / Now you can download Bliss OS software Download with direct link and for free from Yas site.

Features of Bliss OS:

– Completely free and open source

– Made based on the Android operating system with very beautiful and attractive changes

– Possibility of installation on personal computers and laptops

– Creative and beautiful focus on the graphical interface

– Optimal battery consumption in laptops

– Very high security

– Ability to run a variety of Google Play Store applications

– Can be installed on MBR / GPT partitions

Pictures of the software environment:

Bliss OS.cover1 300x200 - Download Bliss OS x86 11.10 - Android 9.0 (Android Pie) for PC

Installation guide

1) New version of Bliss OS (x86) Download the Android version of Pie (Android 9.0) and decompress it.

2) Tools Rufus Download and place the image file on it.

3) Boot the system via flash memory.

4) Run Bliss OS live and test its various features.

5) If you wish, start installing this operating system and enjoy its experience on your personal computer.


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