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CentOS 8.2 Build 2004 / CentOS 7.8 Build 2003 is the latest version of the popular Red Hat Enterprise-based Linux distribution, which is supported and developed by the user community. Saint OS stands for Community ENTerprise Operatin System, which was first released on May 24, 2004, and we are now at your service with the introduction of the latest version of this popular operating system. According to a 2011 survey by Web Technology Surveys, the operating system was the number one application on the Web site, hosting 30% of Linux servers. The OS OS is highly customizable, secure and stable. These are things we should appreciate about this operating system; Because this distribution has made a significant contribution to the security of servers and Internet sites, and now most of the service providers in the world use the same operating system.

The core of CentOS Linux is derived from the Red Hat Enterprise Linux or RHEL operating system, so the traditional OS OS is fully RHEL compliant. Regarding the distribution of RHEL and that it was taken from Fedora, it can be concluded that finally the OS tradition is also taken from Fedora. Although personal users are less inclined to use Linux despite the Windows operating system, the operating system is widely used to install on servers, and in general it can be said that up to 80% of the world’s servers use Linux distributions. Various network management tools, a super-powerful firewall, and an easy-to-use interface are among the main benefits of Linux Saint OS. You can now download the latest version of CentOS’s operating system from the Yas website.

CentOS operating system features:

– Having a beautiful and user-friendly user interface for desktop use

– Having a special network management environment for installation on servers

– Having a powerful center to manage packages

– Support for Python programming languages, ninety. GS, Piachupi, Robbie, Pearl and 3

– Compatibility with different versions of MySQL database, Maria Debbie and…

– Ability to set up all types of web servers

– Compatibility with extensive facilities in the field of simulation

Pictures of the operating system environment:

CentOS.cover1 300x188 - Download CentOS 8.2 Build 2004 / CentOS 7.8 Build 2003 - Centux OS Linux


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