Download ClipboardFusion Pro 5.9 + Portable – Control and edit the clipboard

Download ClipboardFusion Pro 5.9 + Portable - Control and edit the clipboard

Download ClipboardFusion Pro

| Clipboard control and editing software

ClipboardFusion Pro 5.9 + Portable A simple and practical tool to remove the clipboard formatting, replace the text and fully manage its content. In fact, when you map a file or a piece of text (Ctrl + C), its contents are stored in a space called the clipboard. Now with the help of ClipboardFusion Pro, you can change the content of your clipboard before Paste, according to your taste. In addition, it is possible to sync the content of the clipboard with other computers and portable devices. Sometimes when you copy a text from an application, its format and formatting are also stored in the clipboard, and when you paste it elsewhere, you notice that part of it is bold or different. You get the font, ClipboardFusion Pro can remove text formatting on the clipboard with just one key on the keyboard.

The text replacement feature in ClipboardFusion Pro enables you to replace some of the text you want with other words or text, for example you can define the word And in your clipboard instead of the & character automatically. This software is also able to sync the contents of your clipboard to your current computer with other computers or devices. This will make the clipboard content of all devices compatible with a variety of platforms such as Android, Apple iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Windows 8 and.. You can now get the latest version of the software ClipboardFusion Pro Read more from Yas website Download , Receive.

Features of ClipboardFusion Pro software:

– Ability to remove the format and formatting of copied texts with just one key

– Ability to replace predefined texts

– Ability to synchronize clipboard content on all your devices

– Ability to accurately manage and edit clipboard content


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