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CorelCAD 2021.5 Build x86 / x64 + Portable is one of the suitable choices in the field of computer design software. As you know, there are few professions or businesses today that do not have computers and digital devices. The use of computer systems and software in industrial design, including: mechanical parts design, modeling, simulation of parts behavior, and… helps to reduce costs and also increase the efficiency of the design process. Here, with the introduction of one of the most cost-effective and very useful software in the field of industrial design, we are at your service, dear visitors. Software with a very simple and understandable user interface with many personalization features, enables users to come up with ideas. Easily design yourself in 2D and 3D views.

CorelCAD allows you to design a variety of industrial parts in 2 and 3D, and the main format of working with your designs is DWG, which in addition to this software, you can use them in other related software. CorelCAD software version with the ability to use plugins and plugins, allows you to increase its capabilities according to your needs. You can now download the latest version of CorelCAD software from the Yas website.

CorelCAD software features:

– Ability to work on designs and the ability to import / export projects in DWG format with the ability to work in related software

– Having very powerful tools in the field of 2 and 3D design and modeling

– Ability to work with a variety of DWG, STL, PDF, CDR formats

– Having the ability to personalize tools

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