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Download Corel DRAW

Download CorelDRAW

Corel DRAW Graphics Suite 2021 x86 / x64 + Mac CorelDRAW software has been used by many people for various professions due to its wide and diverse capabilities. The first thing you need to know about CorelDRAW is that the principles of CorelDraw are vector-based. Objects in Corel are designed based on line and dot (node), so the size and dimensions are not important in this model! That is, it does not make sense in Resolution vector designs! And as much as you want, you can increase the size of the design without losing quality. Of course, Resolution is used in some settings and effects, which is related to the photo. The Corel DRAW program is very suitable in terms of design due to its high accuracy, and the design of complex shapes and maps in Corel is done easily due to having a variety of practical tools. CorelDRAW is widely used in the job market, for example: design and preparation of writing and various logos for cutting with a cutter plotter, which is mostly used by advertising companies and billboards and cutting; Designing posters, catalogs and business cards; Design using templates and ready pages for magazines and newspapers; Web design. (Of course, in a limited way and along with other programs such as Flash and…); Fabric design in fabric printing factories and…

In comparison between Corel DRAW and Adobe Illustrator software (as two competitors! In the field of vector graphics, of course with Free India), CorelDRAW will surely win. The Illustrator environment is very similar to Photoshop in that only the commands and tools differ. This type of environment is not suitable for vector work due to the ability to change the size of this type of file at all. And of course, in the type of commands, tools and باز again, Corel has its own advantage. For example, drawing a path (as one of the most important tools for vector design) in Illustrator is very unfamiliar and very similar to drawing a path in Photoshop !! Which is not good at all and there are many such cases. The main extension of Corel DRaw files is cdr. But it can open almost all vector files (wmf, al, eps ë emfwpgdsf, drwdwg, dxf, fmv, fh, met, ppt, shw…,). It also imports the most popular pixel files (psd, cpt, jpg, gif, tif, bmp, fpx, pcd, tga, img, pp4, mac’s cal, wl, xpm, xcf, png…,). Also, you users can download Corel DRAW software for free and a direct link from Yas site.

Key features of Corel DRAW Graphics Suite software:

– Ability to support all previous Corel formats plus: Autocad, Painter X, MS Word 2007, Adobe CS3, Publisher 2007, Lasted PDF Format
– Ability to save the Template and read it (Import and Export Template)
– Added Table tool to drag the table.
– Ability to fit the desired photo, exactly as the table fits. (Photo length and width change automatically)
– Ability to resize text written in real time.
– Power Trace feature (convert photo to line or lines that can be edited in Corel)
– Object Manager feature that gives a lot of capabilities to the graphic designer. Including the possibility of layering as well as the ability to choose to display hypothetical lines for each page completely separately.
Ability to work with Adobe illustrator program files
– Ability to work with more than 100 video formats
– Ability to convert ordinary photos and images to vector format and vector
– Ability to work in the program environment above different layers of text and images and combine them together
– View changes before applying it in different parts of the software
– Mirror text and paragraphs vertically and horizontally or both
– Ability to type Persian directly without problems and full support for the Unicode standard
– possibility of use Nastaliq font No need for a Persian writer and Persian maker
– Support for digital camera images
– Optimal software synchronization with screen dimensions
– Additional features for digital designs such as more than 1000 new and beautiful fonts
– New features for web design and animations
– Faster loading and execution speed
– New management of the entire application
– New color management system
– And …

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