Download DeskSoft WindowManager 8.0.0 – Manage windows in Windows

Download DeskSoft WindowManager 8.0.0 - Manage windows in Windows

Download DeskSoft WindowManager

| Windows management software in Windows

DeskSoft WindowManager 8.0.0 is the name of the software for managing windows in the Windows operating system environment. Proper and optimal management of windows in the Windows user environment provides you with a more convenient and faster workflow in this operating system. In fact, with the help of this software, you can determine the location of each of the windows you want and no longer need to move them to a specific location each time. Many applications do not remember the location and size set for their window, and Windows Explorer does not always store these criteria.

This is where WindowManager comes in. It allows you to adjust the position and size of each window in the Windows environment so that from now on, they always run on the same basis. Contraption of windows and their sizes are very flexible and have many functions and can be customized. You can now download the latest version of DeskSoft WindowManager software from the Yas website.

Features of DeskSoft WindowManager software:

– Ability to remember the position and size of windows before closing

– Support for Windows Explorer folders, files, software and…

– Having multiple roles and functions for personalization

– Having an Ignore list to prevent resizing

– Having customizable profiles

– Extensive personalization

– Support for Windows 10


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