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Download ExtraMAME 21.5 - Arcade Simulator for Windows

Download ExtraMAME

| Arcade Simulator for Windows

ExtraMAME 21.5 is the name of a powerful simulation software for old game consoles and an opportunity to experience nostalgia for lovers of classic video games. As you know, the world of video games has not always been so advanced and graphical, and there was a time when the simplest games with their pixel graphics were able to sell millions of copies in the market of first generation consoles. Titles such as Pack-Man, Sonic, and بودند were among the things that were once considered a true masterpiece, and many people in the past with such games have experienced fascinating and entertaining memories.

If you are also a fan of old and classic games, we have prepared a new simulator for you, which can be a new opportunity to experience this nostalgia. In some entertainment venues and shops, there were standing consoles that could be used to enjoy a classic gaming experience for a few minutes by inserting coins. MAME standing game console is one of the most well-known of these nostalgias, and this time you can enjoy the experience of all the games of this attractive console on your computer with its simulator. Now you can download ExtraMAME software with a direct link and for free from Yas site. Kurds.

Features of ExtraMAME software:

– Having a simple and beautiful graphical interface

– Ability to experience dozens of different titles from classic games

– Ability to customize game controllers

– Ability to run thousands of different classic games on the computer

Pictures of the software environment:

ExtraMAME.cover1 300x194 - Download ExtraMAME 21.5 - Arcade Simulator for Windows

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