Download Field of Glory II Medieval Reconquista for PC

Download Field of Glory II Medieval Reconquista for PC

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Updated on 03/03/1400: The new version of Field of Glory II Medieval Reconquista-PLAZA has been replaced with all DLCs…

Field of Glory II Medieval Reconquista is a new game in the style of strategy game series that was made in 2019 by Byzantine Games and released for PC. If you are also a fan of the strategy game series, you are probably familiar with the various titles in Arena 2. Inspired by stories and historical events in authentic books, the game’s production studio tries to simulate many battles and historical events around the world so that the audience can experience these events in the form of a computer game. Improve your knowledge and information in the field of history as well.

For example, in the latest version of this game, the creators have gone to simulate the events of 1040 AD. This period is known as the Dark Ages as it is written in history books. The invasion of the Arab-speaking armies, the destruction of the Vikings, the rise of Britain, France, Germany, Spain, the Sassanid Iranians, the Umayyad rule in the Arab-speaking region, the Abbasid dynasty and the Great Islamic Empire are among the most important perspectives during the narratives of this game. And you will have a job. Now you can download the final version of Field of Glory II with a direct link and for free from the Yas site .

  •  Format: ISO
  •  Size: 1.88 GB
  • Source: Yas Download
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