Download Glary Disk Cleaner Wipe Windows junk files

Download Glary Disk Cleaner - Clean up useless Windows files

Download Glary Disk Cleaner

| Windows junk file cleaning software

Glary Disk Cleaner + Portable is a new and professional software for cleaning junk files in Windows operating system. The main purpose of this software is to increase the speed and efficiency of the computer; Therefore, its operation has been simplified as much as possible so that every user can work with it with any amount of computer knowledge. Even a novice user can enjoy the great benefits of this software. With Glary Disk Cleaner software, you can identify and delete huge amounts of useless data with a few simple clicks.

Glary Disk Cleaner can quickly detect useless files on your hard drive and show you a detailed list of them. A large part of users’ hard disks is always occupied by useless files. Manually identifying and deleting these files is difficult and sometimes dangerous. Glary Disk Cleaner software can detect these files and display the exact volume occupied by them. You can now download the latest version of Glary Disk Cleaner software from the Yas website.

Features of Glary Disk Cleaner software:

– Ability to select customized options for accurate scans

– View the collection of scanned files along with their exact size

– Having an Ignore list

– Ability to display scan history

– Ability to delete unused files

– Ability to delete cookies, cache and history of web browsers

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