Download HCL AppScan Standard 10.0.4 x64 – Website Security Testing Software

Download HCL AppScan Standard

| Website security testing software

HCL AppScan Standard 10.0.4 x64 is a new and powerful software package for those who are always concerned about the security of their website or web application. Utilizing the latest cybersecurity technologies, this software allows you to easily test web applications and services. With its special features, this program can quickly detect bugs and vulnerabilities in web applications. If you are the owner of a website or web application, you can easily use this program to identify possible problems on your website and fix them using the suggested solutions.

This program allows you to estimate the security of your application. Because web applications are available on the Internet to all users around the world, the issue of security is of particular importance to them; Because at any time, hackers may take advantage of its security vulnerabilities and inject their own code into it. This program allows you to test your web application from various aspects of security and identify possible bugs and then fix them. You can now download HCL AppScan software with a direct link and for free from Yas site.

Features of HCL AppScan:

– Ability to comprehensively scan websites and web applications and detect security vulnerabilities

– Black-Box testing and website testing as well as user testing through web browsers

– Support for client-side technologies such as JavaScript and HTTP protocol

– Having a beautiful and user-friendly graphical interface

– Suitable for web designers and security professionals


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  • Size: 517 MB
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