Download Imperium 0.9 – New and free file manager for Windows

Download Imperium 0.9 - New and free file manager for Windows

Download Imperium

| New and free file manager for Windows

Imperium 0.9 is the name of a new and useful file manager for the Windows operating system, which has a beautiful and user-friendly graphical interface, it can be considered as a reliable alternative to Windows Explorer. Almost all of us are familiar with Windows Explorer; An integral part of the Windows operating system, which has been with users throughout the graphical version of this operating system, and over the years has tried to bring its former features to users more easily. However, many believe that the features of Windows Explorer are not enough for a professional user. This is where alternative tools come into play, and in this article from the Yas Download site, we introduce one of the strongest alternatives to serve you dear ones.

The graphical interface of this powerful and beautiful file manager is designed in such a way that the user can at first glance consider it as a real alternative to Windows Explorer. The environment of this program is designed based on tabs, and with this feature, you can manage several different paths in the form of separate tabs and easily move between them. The default features of this program include managing files and folders, copying and moving information, renaming files and folders, etc. In addition, features such as previewing files, advanced search, and most importantly the ability to manage paths in separate tabs. Other features of this software are: Now you can download Imperium software with a direct link and for free from Yas site.

Features of Imperium software:

– Having a different and beautiful graphic environment

– Ability to manage folders in separate tabs

– Having simple and easy default settings

– Ability to search and filter files

– Having a dark and light environment

– Ability to preview files

– Support for compressed formats

Pictures of the software environment:

Imperium.cover1 300x121 - Download Imperium 0.9 - New and free file manager for Windows


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