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Download IntraWEB Ultimate 15.1.22 - software for creating web pages

Download IntraWEB Ultimate

| Web page building software

IntraWEB Ultimate 15.2.31 is the name of a powerful and useful software that developers of Delphi programming language (Delphi) can build applications using the rapid development (RAD) method. The development of web pages in this environment is such that you can define the general framework of the web page just by dragging and dropping the components in your form and while determining the events and features, you can experience the web design in a different shape and image than before. . This software is designed with the goal that developers can build any type of web-based applications. So it does not matter if your designed pages are just a static page or have different types of inputs, polls, questionnaires and..

In addition, with the current tool, the user can design web pages even in the most complex type of needs. For example, you can even design pages that users can log in to with their account and only be able to use its features for a certain period of time. This program solves the difficult and complex part of design for you with the help of Delphi, and with this language, you are able to automatically generate different types of pages for your website, such as HTML / CSS / JS files, and finally, if you need to customize Pay it. Now you can download IntraWEB Ultimate software with a direct link and for free from Yas site.

Features of IntraWEB Ultimate software:

No need for other web servers to set up a website

– Fast processing and rendering of user requests and sending to the client side

– Suitable for designing simple or complex websites

– A serious competitor for PHP, ASP.NET and تکن technologies

Pictures of the software environment:

IntraWEB Ultimate.cover1 300x237 - Download IntraWEB Ultimate 15.2.31 - Web Development Software

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