Download IPHost Network Monitor 5.3 Build 14180

Download IPHost Network Monitor Free Edition 5.3 Build 14180 - Network management and monitoring software

Download IPHost Network Monitor

| Network management and monitoring software

IPHost Network Monitor Free Edition 5.3 Build 14180 is the name of a new and powerful software product in the field of network management and monitoring, which provides you with a variety of monitoring and review methods. The various features of this program include the possibility of displaying notifications, reporting on charts, as well as a beautiful and user-friendly graphical interface for better access and management on various dimensions of the network. This program is actually a professional tool that enables you to manage and monitor Windows or Unix networks. The program also has the ability to send alert notifications to the network administrator in the face of various events, and in general, has more than 20 different methods for monitoring and sending alert notifications.

You can manage this tool directly through its special application or even your web browser. With just one click, you can have the program’s dashboard on the web page and work with its reports and alerts. It also allows you to filter network monitoring events by status, addresses, and more. The graphical interface of this software is designed as simple as possible so that users can enjoy its benefits with any level of familiarity with the computer and network infrastructure. You can now download the latest version of IPHost Network Monitor software from the read more of Yas website.

Features of IPHost Network Monitor software:

– Ability to automatically search and find network hosts and services

– Ability to check network performance – Ability to monitor Linux / Unix network equipment and other servers

– Ability to monitor email server (IMAP, POP3, SMTP)

– Ability to monitor the server database (ODBC)

Ability to monitor network resources (Windows Services, availability of network sharing files, amount of available storage space, etc.)

– Ability to display and send notifications when different events occur

– Ability to install and set up quickly and easily

Pictures of the software environment:

IPHost Network Monitor.cover1 300x176 - Download IPHost Network Monitor Free Edition 5.3 Build 14180 - Network Management and Monitoring Software IPHost Network Monitor.cover2 300x154 - Download IPHost Network Monitor Free Edition 5.3 Build 14180 - Network Management and Monitoring Software

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