Download IsoBuster 4.7 Build + Portable – Copy and image of scratched CDs and DVDs

Download IsoBuster Pro 3.6 Build + Portable - Copy and image from scratched CDs and DVDs

Download IsoBuster

Copies and images of scratched CDs, DVDs

IsoBuster 4.7 Build + Portable You must have a CD or DVD, which you can not copy or image, with IsoBuster software it is possible for you to You can copy or take images from such CDs or DVDs quite easily.

Of course, this is not all the work of this software, except for CDs and DVDs. This software can also copy or image Blu-ray Discs, Blu-ray DVDs. Support for image formats such as * .DAO, * .TAO, * .ISO, * .BIN, * .IMG,… image file conversion and… are among the features of this software. Dear user, you can download the software. IsoBuster Download from Yas site.

Key features of IsoBuster Pro software:

– Allow extraction of audio and video files on disk

– Scan lost files using ISO9660 / Joliet standard

– Scan disk errors physically

– Create control files

– Supports multiple file formats

– Scan for lost files and folders

– VIDEO + VR support

– Convert image files

– Support for CD zip files

– Supports 21 languages

– Supports most operating systems including: XP, 7, 8 and…

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Screnshot Isoboster V3 150x121 - Download IsoBuster 4.7 Build + Portable - Copy and image of scratched CDs and DVDs

Changes in the new version:

– Support of EXT file system

– Support for the Nintendo GameCube file system

– Support from GEMDOS / Atari file system – ST FAT12-16

– Improved caching and functionality and fix software bugs

IsoBuster interprets image files:

*.DAO (Duplicator)*.TAO (Duplicator)*.ISO (Nero, BlindRead, Creator)*.BIN (CDRWin)*.IMG (CloneCD)*.CCD (CloneCD)*.CIF (Creator)*.FCD (Uncompressed)*.NRG (Nero)*.GCD (Prassi)*.P01 (Toast)*.C2D (WinOnCD)*.CUE (CDRWin)*.CDI (DiscJuggler)*.CD (CD-i OptImage)*.GI (Prassi PrimoDVD)*.PXI (PlexTools)*.MDS (Alcohol)*.MDF (Alcohol)*.VC4 (Virtual CD)*.000 (Virtual CD)*.B5T (BlindWrite)*.B5I (BlindWrite)*.B6T (BlindWrite)*.B6I (BlindWrite)*.DMG (Apple Macintosh)*.DC42 (Apple Macintosh)*.IBP (IsoBuster)*.IBQ (IsoBuster)*.IBDAT (IsoBuster)*.IBADR (IsoBuster)*.NCD (NTI)*.FLP (Floppy image)*.E01 (Expert Witness Format)*.Ex01 (Expert Witness Format)*.S01 (Expert Witness Format)*.RMG (Rimage Disk Image)*.DSK (Generic Disk Image)*.IMAGE (Generic Disk Image)*.VMDK (virtual Machine Disk)*.UDF (UDF Image)*.DD*.XISO*.XBX*.VHD (Microsoft)*.VHDX (Microsoft)*.VDI (Oracle VM VirtualBox)*.WBFS (Wii)*.1Kn (Generic Disk Image – IsoBuster)*.2Kn (Generic Disk Image – IsoBuster)*.4Kn (Generic Disk Image – IsoBuster)*.8Kn (Generic Disk Image – IsoBuster)*.16Kn (Generic Disk Image – IsoBuster)*.32Kn (Generic Disk Image – IsoBuster)*.64Kn (Generic Disk Image – IsoBuster)*.512e (Generic Disk Image – IsoBuster)


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