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Kali Linux 2021.1 32/64-bit Kali Linux operating system One of the most popular Linux open source operating system distributions for hackers and security professionals. As you know, the Linux operating system is a secure, fast, lightweight, and free computer operating system developed by programmers around the world. Many programmers are involved in the development of various Linux operating system distributions. This makes the operating system extremely secure and exemplary. The BackTrack 5 r3 operating system has been used by hackers and security professionals for a long time.. But with the end of the life of this operating system, its developers, with the release of the new Kali Linux operating system, were able to repeat their previous success once again.

In March 2013, the BackTrack development team once again came into the spotlight with the release of a brand new version of the operating system called Kali. In fact, Kali Linux is one of the most important tools a hacker or security expert has ever had. With Kali Linux, you users have full access to a vast array of Internet security tools. Kali Linux has a total of more than 300 pre-installed software with which you can access all your needs in the field of port scanning, IP addresses, packet analysis, crack passwords and more. Many security tools in Kali Linux have no similar examples in Windows, so it is recommended that you install Kali Linux first if you want to be a hacker and security expert in computer systems. Now you can get the new version of the operating system Kali Linux Download more from Yas website.

Pictures of the software environment:

Kali linux 2019.4 300x182 - Download Kali Linux 2021.1 32/64-bit - Kali Linux operating system


Note: Kali is Linux based, but suitable for all Windows versions.


  • Format: ISO
  • Size: 3.58 / 4.14 GB
  • Source : Yas Download
  • Code:

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