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Download Lorien 0.2.0 - Idea and note-taking software for Windows

Download Lorien

| Idea and note-taking software for Windows

Lorien 0.2.0 is the name of a new and free tool for taking notes, recording and storing ideas in text and image, which enables the user in a beautiful and user-friendly graphical environment to record and maintain notes or visual drawing of ideas. The main focus of this software is to keep the user away from distractions and focus while thinking and gathering ideas, and thus to focus specifically on the main topic and focus of their thoughts. If you are one of those people who need a special think tank to think and come up with ideas, maybe this software can be considered as a special and powerful assistant for this job.

This software allows you to access a special and professional space, record your ideas and thoughts in writing or video and access them quickly at any time. This program is equipped with a very beautiful and user-friendly graphical interface, and the user can quickly receive ideas and thoughts by downloading and installing Anf. All you have to do is choose your tool from the method of typing text or drawing ideas, and then record what goes through your mind and keep it in a safe and beautiful environment. Now you can download Lorien software with a direct link and for free from Yas site.

Lorien software features:

– Ability to take notes and draw ideas in an unlimited space

– Undo / redo capability for writing and drawing

– Ability to store the output of thoughts and ideas in very small formats

– Ability to draw with a variety of pens, erasers, drawing lines and selection tools

– Ability to provide expenses in a variety of graphic formats for quick and easy sharing

– Having a beautiful and user-friendly graphical interface

Pictures of the software environment:

Lorien.cover1 300x176 - Download Lorien 0.2.0 - Idea and note-taking software for Windows Lorien.cover2 300x175 - Download Lorien 0.2.0 - Idea and note-taking software for Windows

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