Download Microsoft PowerToys for Windows 10 v0.35.0 x64 – Popular and powerful tool for Windows 10

Download Microsoft PowerToys for Windows 10 0.35.0 - Popular and powerful PowerToys tool for Windows

Download Microsoft PowerToys for Windows 10

| Popular PowerPoint Tool for Windows

Microsoft PowerToys for Windows 10 v0.35.0 x64 is the name of a powerful, functional and well-known tool for older users of the Windows operating system. If you’ve been a user of early versions of Windows 95, Xupi, and., You probably know Powertoiz well. This tool, which was available in those versions, allowed Windows users to change and customize their Windows user experience. Now, decades later, Microsoft has once again promised users that it will bring PowerStore back to Windows. Due to the popularity of this useful tool, we now offer the first version of this attractive and useful tool at your service, dear users, so that you can enjoy this official tool with ease to improve your user experience in Windows 10.

Now that Powertois is back to Windows 10, it’s a good idea to take a look at the useful features of this tool. A feature called FancyZones allows you to place magic lights on your desktop to quickly drag and drop windows in these areas to get them the size and position you want. Added an attractive section to preview two md formats. And svg. Windows Explorer also allows you to view the two formats without having to run them in a preview format. You can also resize your images using a quick and useful tool by right-clicking and selecting a specific option. Other features of this program include changing and personalizing the function of the keys on the keyboard, advanced ability to search and edit filenames, faster search and execution of programs, and a guide to using companies in Windows 10. You can now download the Microsoft PowerToys for Windows 10 software with a direct link and for free from the Yas site.

Features of Microsoft PowerToys software for Windows 10:

– Ability to professionally manage windows and define their location and size

– Having a useful plugin for previewing various formats in Windows Explorer

– Ability to resize images via the right-click menu

– Ability to search files quickly and intelligently

– Having a quick guide to the performance of companies in Windows

Extensive possibilities for personalizing the user experience in Windows 10

Pictures of the software environment:

Microsoft PowerToys for Windows 10.cover1 300x213 - Download Microsoft PowerToys for Windows 10 v0.35.0 x64 - Popular PowerPoint Tool for Windows 10


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