Download Navicat for SQLite 15.0.25 x86 / x64 – SQLite database management software

Download Navicat for SQLite 15.0.25 x86 / x64 - SQLite database management software

Download Navicat for SQLite

| SQLite Database Management Software

Navicat for SQLite 15.0.25 x86/x64 It is a well-known and powerful software in the field of SQLite database management. SQLite is a small relational database management system written in C in the form of a library. SQLite is not a client-server database; Rather, it only runs the main program, this database also runs. Due to its flexibility and very small size, this database is widely used in the field of mobile programming. The new software that we have prepared in this article from Yas Download site is a comprehensive and very powerful tool in the field of SQL Lite database management..

This software is designed for developers who deal with this type of database and are constantly editing, categorizing and working with data in this type of database. The user interface of this software is very simple, beautiful and understandable, and even novice users are recommended to use this comprehensive tool to work with their databases. In addition, the documentation and user guide page of this software clearly shows how to work with different parts of the program so that even the simplest users can enjoy its benefits. You can now download the latest version of Navicat for SQLite software from the Yas website.

Features of Navicat for SQLite software:

– Simple and very beautiful user interface

– Ability to import data through DB, DBF, TXT, CSV, HTML, XLS, XML, MDB, JSON files

– Display a tree of contents of each database

– Ability to back up data, execute group commands and easy reporting

– Very high speed in executing commands

– Very high security in communication

– Ability to write queries quickly and easily

– Ability to auto-complete codes

– Having a beautiful designer database environment

– The possibility of increasing productivity


  • Format: EXE
  • Size: 34/38 MB
  • Source : یاس Download
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