Download NetWorx 6.2.10 + Portable bandwidth management software

Download NetWorx 5.4.2 + Portable - Bandwidth Management Software

Download NetWorx

Bandwidth management software

NetWorx 6.2.10 + Portable is a simple yet powerful software that allows you to evaluate your bandwidth daily, monthly and yearly. You can use NetWorx software to collect bandwidth data and measure the speed of your Internet or other network connection. NetWorx can help you identify potential network problems, and you can use it to control the use of your volume traffic so that you do not exceed the limits set by your ISP.
With NetWorx, you can track suspicious network activity, the main focus of which is trojans and hacker attacks. This program can monitor all network connections or a specific network (such as Ethernet or PPP). This software has a dedicated video system and audible alarm that notifies the user when the Internet connection is lost or suspicious activity such as heavy data traffic is observed. This software has the ability to automatically disconnect all dialup connections and shut down the system. You can now get the latest software version NetWorx Download from Yas site.

Key features of NetWorx software:

– Performance report with output of various formats such as Excel, word and HTML.

– Ability to monitor uploads and downloads

– Ability to work with dialup, ISDN, cable modems, ADSL, Ethernet cards and…

– Has network information and mobile testing tools that show by internet connection.

– Scaling according to the ability of the modem

– Set or disconnect the Internet connection when the network activity and volume set by the user is finished.

– Speed ​​counter for accurate download and average speed report

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Download NetWorx bandwidth monitoring software

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