Download OS X El Capitan 10.11 – Mac OS El Capitan

Download OS X El Capitan 10.11 - The latest version of Mac OS

Download OS X El Capitan

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OS X El Capitan 10.11 The name is the latest version of Apple’s Mac OS X, the first beta version of which was unveiled during the WWDC 2015 conference; Now, with the release of the Final and official versions, we have prepared the valid version of the Mac App Store for you, the users of Apple computers. OS X El Capitan as the latest version of Mac OS, with innovative features and capabilities, benefits from the design of OS X Yosemite and in many general applications of Mac OS, a pleasant experience of daily use of the computer presents. Now in OS X 10.11, you can use the new Split View feature to simultaneously focus on the application while running and work with them simultaneously. With the help of Mission Control, the desktop control is completely at your disposal and you can see all the running windows in one layer and quickly prioritize the desired window. Drag the window you want to create a desktop space. The powerful and popular Spotlight search is now available in almost all parts of the operating system, and you can use its features in applications Weather, stocks, sports, web videos, shipping information And… Now in Spotlight you can use the words you want for smart searches, for example by searching for “Documents I edited yesterday” you can quickly access the documents you edited yesterday. Now in OS X 10.11 you can resize the Spotlight window and place it anywhere you want.

Improving the functionality and management of Mail in OS X 10.11 is another important change that has been made in this operating system; You can now easily manage your Mailbox with Swipe, which is exactly what it does on the iPhone. Swipe Right for Mark As Read or Unread and Swipe Left for deleting them. A professionally optimized view of the Inbox and Draft simplifies the ability to switch between them. The Notes app has also undergone many changes in OS X 10.11 and is very similar to this app in iOS 9, you can now customize your notes in Notes with titles, paragraphs, bolts, numbers and checklists. Notes can now include image, video, PDF documents, and ،, all of these attachments can be searched and accessed from the Attachments Browser. Photos in OS X 10.11 have also undergone major changes to the management and organization of photo albums, now you can add titles, captions or keywords to your images and access your images in the cloud from the iCloud Photo Library The Pinned Sites feature in the Safari browser always keeps your favorite websites alive and running, the Maps app in OS X 10.11 is now updated with support for the Transit view feature, and you can navigate to Start Mac and share on iPhone and iPad. You can now get the latest version of Apple Mac OS OS X El Capitan Download from Yas site.

OS X El Capitan 10.11 Features:

– Increase the efficiency of using the screen with the ability to split the screen or Split View

– Full desktop control with Mission Control

– Intelligent search in Spotlight and integrated in all parts of the operating system

– Professional and practical optimizations in managing emails in Mail

– Optimization and professional development of Notes note-taking application

– Professional and secure methods for storing, managing and organizing images in Photos

– Safe, professional web browsing with better management in the new Safari browser

– Added Transit feature to Maps

– Added new and popular fonts

– Fantastic and professional graphics and optimized with Metal

– Run faster daily applications


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