Download R-Tools R-Drive Image 6.3 Build 6307 + BootCD + Portable – Software for capturing images from drives

R Tools R Drive Image.cover - Download R-Tools R-Drive Image 6.3 Build 6307 + BootCD + Portable - Software for capturing images from drives

Download R-Tools R-Drive Image

Software for capturing images and backing up drives

R-Tools R-Drive Image 6.3 Build 6307 + BootCD + Portable is a powerful program for capturing images and backups of hard drives and files. It provides accurate, byte-by-by-by-image images of hard disk partitions, does not require a reboot of Windows, and works with different levels of data compression. The output files of this program can be saved on any type of disk, including CDs, DVDs and USB
R-Drive Image software has the ability to recover lost hard disk files (images) and restores lost partitions without rebooting the system. This program uses Windows directly or the boot version of the program from CDs and DVDs to do this.
With this software you can completely and quickly restore your system after massive data loss due to system failure, virus attack or software errors. In general, if you need to restore certain files from an image, you can use this program as a virtual drive, as well as its special features such as Explorer mode and other useful tools. By making these backups, you can burn and store them on different disks and, if necessary, restore them. With the help of backups provided by R-Tools R-Drive Image software, you can quickly recover your lost data in a short time. You can now get the latest software version R-Drive Image Download from Yas site.

Key features of R-Drive Image software:

– Easy and functional user interface

– Execute image files without stopping and without the need to restart

– Ability to compress image files (Image)

– Support for external devices such as CD / DVD / Floppy disk

– Has a bootable version (graphic)

– Support for USB 2.0 and 3.0

– Has an extensive list of devices supported in boot mode

– Ability to restore personal files

– Ability to create new partitions

– Ability to check the created images

– Supports all versions of Windows and Windows Server 2012

– Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit systems

– Having a very beautiful and simple user interface

– Ability to prepare backups of user information at a very high speed

– Preparing backups in the form of image files

– Too much compression of images

– Ability to store images in a variety of optical memory, flash and…

– Ability to encrypt on backups

– Ability to restore backups to the relevant partitions

– Ability to schedule backups

– Ability to transfer data from one memory to another

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Download R-Drive Image 5.2 Build 5204 Boot CD Driver Capture Software


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