Download Screenpresso Pro Final – desktop video recording software

Download Screenpresso Pro - desktop video recording software

Download Screenpresso Pro

| Desktop video recording software

Screenpresso Pro Final is the name of a new and powerful software that is able to produce HD quality videos from your computer desktop environment and output them in various formats. You can use this software to prepare educational videos, display software demos or games, as well as report bugs in IT fields. The software has built-in tools for pinpointing video locations, as well as an built-in image editor that gives you various options at the end for sharing projects. In addition to video recording capabilities, this software is able to provide screenshots of the desktop environment tailored to your needs. For example, you can take full screen images of the entire screen or just a portion of the screen.

This software is able to store your HD videos in MP4, WebM, WMV formats. When taking a screenshot of the screen, did the object you want not fit completely in the image? Do not worry, because Screenpresso Pro software can solve this problem for you by taking advantage of the new Stitch feature. The mobile features of this software include the ability to crop screenshots, the ability to edit them, round the corners of images and also the possibility of adding shadow effects to them. You can now get the latest version of the software Screenpresso Pro Download more from Yas website.

Key features of Screenpresso Pro software:

– Ability to save screenshots

– Ability to prepare HD videos and save in various video formats

– Ability to take screenshots of pages with scrolling

– Has an internal image editor

– Automatic storage of screenshots on your hard drive

– Ability to share images and videos quickly


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