Download Slack 4.15.0 Win / Mac / Linux / Android – Project Management and Remote Slacking

Download Slack 4.5.0 for Windows / macOS / Linux - Project management and telecommuting with Slack

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| Project management and telecommuting with Slack |

Slack 4.15.0 Win / Mac / Linux / Android is the name of a powerful and well-known software product for managers and employees who want to be able to communicate with other members of their team in the best possible way, even in remote situations. These days, many businesses are trying to provide telecommuting infrastructure for their employees so that in addition to eliminating the obligation to have employees in the workplace, it is possible to avoid additional cost savings as much as possible, and at the same time, productivity and project progress. Also increased. Slack software is one of the well-known solutions in this field that can greatly improve the productivity of affairs in this framework.

Slack is simply a chatterbox for the whole company and its employees. Using Slack, a team is divided into several tuning channels so that group members can engage in business conversations and develop project work together. With Slack, the use of other phone calls or e-mails at work will be greatly reduced. In general, it can be said that if you are also a member of a team project, Slack can greatly help you and other team members. With the powerful Slack tool, you can easily connect with your team in one place and search for content and exchange ideas. Use of this program is recommended for people who work in a group or team to carry out projects with a common goal. Now you can download Slack software for Windows, PC, Android, Mac and Linux with a direct link and for free from Yas site.

Slack software features:

– Having comprehensive and practical facilities for team and group activities

– Ability to manage project actions and perform it by different members of the group

– Reduce telephone conversations and e-mails between members

– Providing a safe platform for conversation and exchange of views of team members

– Having a simple and user-friendly graphical environment

Pictures of the software environment:

Slack.cover1 300x221 - Download Slack 4.15.0 Win / Mac / Linux / Android - Project Management and Remote Slacking


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  • Size: 80 MB
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