Download Sysinternals Suite 2021.06.22 Computer repair and optimization

Download Sysinternals Suite 2016.01.17 - Computer repair and optimization

Download Sysinternals Suite

| Computer repair and optimization software

Sysinternals Suite 2021.06.22 is the name of a new software for repairing, maintaining and optimizing a computer. With the help of this software, you can configure your operating system and fix all its flaws and errors. In fact, this software includes a set of professional packages through which you can optimize your computer and enjoy a better experience of computer operation. Because the Windows operating system is a vast environment, each area of ​​it requires specific settings and precise controls that require a complete software with a set of professional tools for each specific part.

For example, you can control startup software and determine how much software to load automatically at what time, the Process Monitor feature allows you to accurately track the processes running on Windows Identify and control them. PageDefrag allows you to compress data on your hard disk and so-called defragment it. You can now download the latest version of Sysinternals Suite software from the read more of Yas website.

Features of Sysinternals Suite:

– Ability to manage ads and block annoying Internet banners

– Ability to manage autoruns in Windows

– Ability to display hardware specifications

– Ability to manage and repair the Windows registry

– Having TCPView capability

– The possibility of Whois

– Ability to display running processes

– Startup management

This package includes tools such as the following:

AccessChk, AccessEnum, AdExplorer, AdRestore, Autologon, Autoruns, BgInfo, CacheSet, ClockRes, Contig, Coreinfo, Ctrl2Cap, DebugView, Desktops, DiskExt, DiskMon, DiskView, Disk Usage (DU), EFSDump, FileMon, Handle, Hex2dec, Junction, LDMDump, ListDLLs, LiveKd, LoadOrder, LogonSessions, NewSid, NTFSInfo, PageDefrag, PendMoves, PortMon, ProcessExplorer, Process Monitor, ProcFeatures, PsExec, PsFile, PsGetSid, PsInfo, PsKill, PsList, PsLoggedOn, PsLogList, PsPasswd, PsService, PsShutdown, PsSuspend, RegDelNull, RegJump, RegMon, RootkitRevealer, SDelete, ShareEnum, ShellRunas, SigCheck, Streams, Strings, Sync, TCPView, VolumeID, WhoIs, WinObj, VMMap, ZoomIt.

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