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TeamSpeak Client 3.5.6 + Server 3.13.6 x86 / x64 Win / Mac is the name of a simple and powerful software for establishing quality, secure and free voice communication over the Internet. You can use this software for voice communication while playing online games, voice communication for web conferences or even educational purposes. With the help of TeamSpeak, you will always be in close contact with your business and you can establish a quality and completely free voice connection with your friends and family, regardless of where you live. The first and most important goal of the builders Team Spike , Providing a secure and high-speed tool or method for establishing simple voice communication; This software, with the benefit of the latest security standards, as well as excellent sound quality and optimal volume of Internet bandwidth, is one of the most suitable methods for establishing voice communication through the Internet.

TeamSpeak 3 software, using the Opus voice codec, allows you to experience a very high quality voice call. This software, by integrating the ability to automatically adjust the microphone volume, reduce the incoming and outgoing noise, has provided the possibility of establishing perfectly smooth and clear audio communication for Internet users. TeamSpeak enables you to connect to an audience of more than 100 people at one-on-one conferences for free, while accurately encrypting data sent and received on an AES basis will keep you safe and secure. Makes data security easy. Other new features of this software include the ability to share files and download files and exchange them. You can now download the application TeamSpeak Download the client with a direct link and for free from Yas site.

Features of TeamSpeak Client software:

– Ability to make excellent quality voice calls

– Ability to encrypt sent and received data to ensure their complete security

– Ability to send and receive files

– Ability to participate in Internet conferences

– Ability to set up and configure easily

– Minimal use of resources

– Ability to define passwords for chat rooms

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