Download the online pilgrimage software for the shrine of the Imams Ziarate Online 2.0

Download the online pilgrimage software for the shrine of Imam Hussein AS Imam Ali AS Imam Reza AS

Download Ziarate Online software

Shrine of Imam Ali AS + Imam Hussein AS + Hazrat Abolfazl Al-Abbas AS + Imam Reza AS

Ziarate Online 2.0 The people of our beloved country of Iran have been wishing to visit the Imams for many years, but due to the distance Shrines of the Imams (AS), it is not possible for them to go on pilgrimage! Shiite site software called Ziarate Online Has designed for this reason that people can visit the holy shrine of the Imams virtually and online.

Ziarate Online software allows you to visit the shrine of the Imams online without the need to visit a site. Software Ability to view the royal shrine of Imam Ali (AS), Imam Reza (AS), Gives Imam Hussein (AS), Hazrat Abu Afzal (AS) and Kazemin Sharif to its users. Therefore, we also offer you, dear Yas users, to download Ziarate Online – software Online pilgrimage Download the shrine of the Imams for the computer from the rest of the article and go to the shrine of these loved ones. pleas pry for me

Some features of Ziarate online software:

– Broadcast live images of the holy shrine of Imam Ali, Imam Reza, Imam Hussein, Abolfazl (AS) and Kazemin
– Compatibility with all types of Windows 7, XP and Vista
– Play videos at the lowest internet speed
– Very suitable volume of software and its fast execution
– Simple and user-friendly access to the software
– Optimal image quality
– And …


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