Download Throttle – Internet Speed ​​Up Software

Download Throttle Internet Speed ​​Up Software

Download Throttle

| Increase Internet speed

Throttle is a powerful software to increase the speed of your internet connections. Throttle software increases the loading speed of web pages in your browser in various ways. With this software, you will be able to download your games, movies and files from the Internet faster than ever, and if you play online, it will increase its execution speed.

This program works not only with dial-up internet connections, but also with high-speed internet lines such as DSL, ADSL, Cable, ISDN. And It can reduce the time required to download large movie files. Use this program to increase the stability of your Internet connection and take advantage of the disconnection of the Internet connection along with increasing its speed.

This program increases the speed of downloading and uploading your files and even optimizes it to the last bit (bandwidth) that your modem can use to bring you the best possible performance. You can now download PGWare Throttle software from Yas site.

Some of the main features of Throttle software:

– Increase download speed from the Internet
– Increase the speed of web browsing and browsing web pages
– Prevent internet connection disconnection and internet connection stability
– Make changes to the Windows registry settings to speed up the Internet
– Automatically adjust settings and make changes based on the computer and technical specifications of the user modem
– Compatibility with all Dial-up, DSL, ADSL, Cable, ISDN and satellite Internet modems
– Increase the transfer speed on the Internet
– Automatic and advanced modem setting
– Increase the internal network speed to transfer PC to PC
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