Download TrustPort LiveCD 2017.03.24 – Powerful disk rescue and antivirus

Download TrustPort LiveCD 2016.07 - Powerful disk rescue and antivirus

Download TrustPort LiveCD

| Powerful disk rescue software and antivirus |

TrustPort LiveCD 2017.03.24 A new and very powerful security system, regardless of the type of operating system of your computer! In fact, TrustPort LiveCD software, while acting as a boot disk, allows you to clean malicious tools, viruses, malicious files and بدون without the need to load the operating system such as Windows, Linux and…. Have you ever wanted to clean a flash drive, external hard drive, memory card or other type of memory without infecting your computer with viruses? TrustPort LiveCD software is here for exactly that!

Utilizing the powerful TrustPort and AVG technology, this software is able to detect all types of viruses, malware and… from the memory connected to your computer system. A noteworthy thing about this software is that it does not depend on the operating system. In fact, the technique of this software works regardless of your operating system, that is, without entering the Windows environment, you can boot from this disk, as Use a rescue disk and boot your system with it, then try to virus different types of memory. You can now download the latest version of TrustPort LiveCD software from Yas Download Receive.

Key features of TrustPort LiveCD software:

Exemplary security in computer systems

– No dependence on computer operating systems

– Ability to function as a boot disk

– Identify types of viruses and malicious tools for computer systems

– Ability to identify file types and suspicious items in memory types

Installation guide

– The ISO format file must be driven by the virtual drive with the software Ultra ISO Or software Daemoon Tools Open or burn ISO images to your desired disk by burning software.


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