Download VirtualBox 6.1.20 Build 143896 x64 + Extension Pack – software for building virtual operating systems

Download VirtualBox software for building virtual operating systems

Download VirtualBox

Virtual operating system software

VirtualBox 6.1.20 Build 143896 x64 + Extension Pack is a professional tool for virtualization of various operating systems. VirtualBox is an easy and fast way to run an operating system such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android… in a separate window in Windows! If you like to use multiple windows at the same time in your windows? Or if you want to experience a version of Linux with your Windows, you should use VirtualBox software, which will simulate a complete computer in a Windows environment. If you are worried about unwanted changes to your original Windows, we should add that there is no need to worry, because VirtualBox has a completely separate environment from your Windows, and everything that happens in it is completely virtual and software. .

VirtualBox enables you to run a new operating system directly in a separate window and take advantage of its features just by having an image file of your desired operating system. Suppose you want to format a memory card in Windows; But you fail at this and you get incomprehensible errors. The best way to solve this problem is to use the Linux operating system to format this memory card. In such cases, VirtualBox can quickly run the Linux you want in a separate window in Windows! It is enough to allocate hard disk space to the mentioned software to install Windows, Linux or Macintosh virtually without any restrictions. Finally we must add that you can get the latest version of the software VirtualBox Download for free from Yas site.

VirtualBox software features:

– Very suitable volume of software compared to similar programs
– Full support for all versions of Windows
– Support for a variety of operating systems
– Proper speed in loading virtual operating systems
– Ability to establish a network between the main and virtual operating systems
– Ability to install the operating system from the image
– Very easy to use software
– Simulate all the steps of installing Windows and Linux, to practice installing them
– And …


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