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Download Professional / Premium 17.0 - System optimization software

Download Professional / Premium

| System optimization software Professional / Premium 21.3 A very practical and useful set has been provided to increase the speed and stability of the Windows operating system. allows you to completely remove the software you want from the system without leaving a trace of them. One of the important differences between removing software and games with is this. Which also deletes the relevant references from the Windows registry. This software allows you to have accurate and professional control over Windows startups. enables you to monitor your computer’s memory and be aware of its occupied and free space at any time.

It has probably happened to you that after a certain period of time since the last time you changed your Windows, the speed of activities is no longer the same as before and things are done slowly. This slowdown is initially negligible, but over time, the problem becomes more severe and annoying. In this article from Yas Download site, by introducing a versatile software, in order to manage the space of RAM, registry, privacy and و, we are at your service, dear ones, that you can eliminate these problems to a great extent. You can now download the latest version of software from Yas Download site.

Key features of software:

– Having the ability to Clean Uninstaller in order to completely remove software without leaving registry changes

– Ability to scan files on the hard disk to identify obsolete, temporary or useless files

– Ability to scan desktop companies and Windows start menu

– Having the ability of startup manager to manage startup software

– Ability to increase the speed of getting things done in the Windows environment

– Ability to optimize the speed of your Internet connections

– Ability to delete files without the possibility of recovery and recovery

– Monitoring RAM and improving its occupied space


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