Download Xara Designer Pro X / Plus x86 / x64 – Graphic & Web Design Software

Download Xara Designer Pro X x86 / x64 - Graphic and web design software

Download Xara Designer Pro

| Graphic and web design software

Xara Designer Pro X / Plus x86 / x64 is the name of a new and very powerful software from Xara software studio, which combines the features of a powerful graphic editor and web page design software, creating an ideal environment for those interested in relationship design. Web graphics provided. Using this software, designers can put graphic shapes and images next to each other and get the design they want. In addition, the software with imaging features, enables users to create creative images with their ideas. Utilizing the latest image techniques and innovative photo editing techniques, the software enables users to draw graphic designs that fit their mental ideas and use them to design web pages..

This program is a comprehensive solution for all the needs of web designers and developers, which eliminates the need for dozens of other tools. Zara Designer software uses the fastest rendering engine in the digital world to process images, and this makes users enjoy doing graphic design in the environment of this program. Using the tools in this software, users can apply the graphic effects they need quickly and directly on the images and improve the productivity of their projects. You can now download the latest version of Xara Designer Pro X software from the Yas website.

Features of Xara Designer Pro X:

– Having a very beautiful user interface and providing the possibility of quick and easy access to all the facilities required by designers

– Optimal use of hardware resources and increase the productivity of design projects

– Benefit from very fast rendering engine in the field of working with pixel and vector images

– Ability to work with transparency of layers, shadows and…

– Compatibility with Drag & Drop for easy image movement

– Ability to zoom to the highest possible degree (!)

– Ability to take advantage of extensive typographic capabilities in designs

– Having advanced tools in the field of professional image collection management

– Ability to easily and quickly create panoramic images

– Ability to create web pages in the end simply and without the need for coding!

Pictures of the software environment:

Xara Designer Pro X.cover1 300x225 - Download Xara Designer Pro X / Plus x86 / x64 - Graphic and Web Design Software


  • Format: EXE
  • Size: 150/204/200 MB
  • Source : Yas Download
  • Code:

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