Download Xilisoft DVD Creator – DVD making software

Xilisoft DVD Creator - DVD making software

Download Xilisoft DVD Creator

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Xilisoft DVD Creator is an application software that helps you to preserve your precious video collection by burning it to DVD. You can use the tools and templates pre-made in this program to create a menu. These templates are ready to create stylish menus and you can add image and background music to it. You can also set chapters to arrange movies on DVD. These formats are very diverse and by choosing them, you can easily access different parts and sections of your family movies when using DVDs in home players.

Convert and burn all popular video formats, HD movies and videos taken by camcorders, iPhones and other smartphones to DVD. Before transferring movies to disk, you can edit the videos using Xilisoft DVD Creator and cut the sections you want to cut or merge them, cut the frame size of the movie, effects and Adjust various effects, add subtitles, watermarks, logos and soundtracks.

Features of Xilisoft DVD Creator:

Convert and burn HD movies such as MKV, TS, MOV, MTS and M2TS
– Use videos taken by smartphones as well as camcorders
– Attach music and background image, menu title or opening clip to the menu
– Separate your favorite parts from a video clip or merge several movies together and create the DVD Home movie as you wish
– Set one of the NTSC and PAL options, select the image ratio between 16: 9 and 4: 3 and set the video quality to the highest level

Pictures of the software environment:

Xilisoft DVD Creator - DVD making software

Installation guide

After installing the program, run the Keygen.exe file (contained in the zip file you downloaded) and go to the program installation location from the Product Id section and select the pd.cfg file from the cfg folder. After selecting the pd.cfg file, click on Generate and use the code created in the License Code section to activate the program.


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