Download Xlight FTP Server Pro

Download Xlight FTP Server Pro - FTP server software

Download Xlight FTP Server Pro

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Xlight FTP Server Pro is the name of a powerful FTP / SFTP server tool with which the user can perform file transfer in high security and simplicity. This software is one of the simplest web transfer tools over the Internet with the optimal use of hardware resources. This tool is designed to provide high performance file transfer and can handle a large number of FTP / SFTP connections.

As the name implies, this software is designed to build a server server on a computer. This program is a simple alternative to similar tools and can support several different connectors from the client side at the same time. Installing and running this software is easy and fast, and even novice users can do their job with ease. With this program, you can easily set up a virtual server and easily connect to it while specifying the IP address and port. In addition, the above software for security considerations has several features and the user can provide you with different accounts with different access levels so that you can communicate with your server with greater ease and security. Now you can download Xlight FTP Server software with a direct link and for free from Yas site.

Features of Xlight FTP Server Pro:

– Support for hard virtual server on an IP address

– Ability to run in the form of a service system

– Ability to create several different accounts to improve security

– Ability to store forces in the database and access through ODBC connections

– Ability to send a notification email to the server administrator address

– Ability to block malicious attacks – Ability to control and manage login time to the server

– Ability to record and maintain activity logs

– Support for UTF-8

– IPv6 support

– Having a beautiful and user-friendly graphical interface

Pictures of the software environment:

Xlight FTP Server.cover1 300x237 - Download Xlight FTP Server Pro - FTP Server Software Xlight FTP Server.cover2 300x242 - Download Xlight FTP Server Pro - FTP Server Software

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