Download XYplorer 21.60.0100 – Professional file management software

Download XYplorer 21.60.0100 + Portable - Professional file management software

Download XYplorer

| Professional file management software – a good alternative to Windows Explorer

XYplorer 21.60.0100 is an advanced file explorer file system that is the best choice for those who want to find a suitable replacement for their explorer. XYplorer has the following features: file creation date, last access, date and attributes attributed to the files, and…. Support for NT features, binary search, and multiple file sorting (finding files in a specified directory) should also be added to this set. We can also produce various types of file system reports, export file information to CSV format and adjust column width.

In XYplorer software, you can select customizable display formats for different types of files and allocate a specific amount of hard disk space for each file and folder. There is a large set of useful and necessary options in the software, such as, copy, transfer, copy file name with path, copy file properties, batch rename, icon extraction, file preview, complete information of each file and display Accurate information on multimedia files that can be effective in speeding up the work of any individual.

With XYplorer software, you can also view the content of ASCII and binary files, such as extracting text from binary and فایل files. The program supports drag, drop and mouse wheel, and also has a simple installation and does not change the Windows registry, has an easy and beautiful user interface and works under the standards of Explorer. You can now download the latest version of XYplorer software from Yas download site.

XYplorer software features:

– Has a powerful versatile browser

– Tree categories and intuitive management options

– Extensive toolbar settings

– Ready-made management options as a bookmark

– Provide previews of video and video files and documents and web pages

– Runs on different operating systems

– And…

Changes in the new version:

– Support for Flatten Folder feature

– Ability to change the Drag & Drop function

– Ability to tag images from the Floating Preview section

– Ability to run custom scripts from the Floating Preview section

– Added the ability to edit and support Fujifilm Photos JPEGs


Xyplorer Is A File Managing System That Comes With A User-Friendly Interface And Supports Multiple Tabs. The Application Is Similar To Windows Explorer, So You Shouldn’t Have Any Problems In Getting Around Its Features. So, You Can Open A Location In A New Tab Or Pane, Copy A Selected Row To Clipboard And Renames Files In Several Ways – E.G. Batch, Set Extension, Edit Item Names

Installation guide

– Install the program
– Run the Keygen.exe file (contained in the zip file you downloaded) and enter a desired name in the Name field and click on Generate
– Use the activation code created in the Serial section to activate the program


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