Download Android for PC – Android-x86 9.0-rc2 / 8.1-r3 / 7.1-r2 – Android Pie / Orio / Nougat

Download Android for PC - Android-x86 9.0-rc2 / 8.1-r3 / 7.1-r2 - Android Orio / Android Nougat

Download Android Pie / Orio / Nougat

| Android-x86 9.0-rc2 / 8.1-r3 / 7.1-r2 |

Android-x86 9.0-rc2 / 8.1-r3 / 7.1-r2 is the latest version of the Android x86 project (Android x86), which has been preparing the image of these versions since the introduction of the first versions of Android until now, and in its latest action, the latest version of Android Orio and Android has prepared Nokia for PC. Android X86 project, while preparing the image of the Android operating system, provides the possibility for people to be able to benefit from the latest features of the Android operating system on the computer through simulation, live disk boot or installation on hard disk. شد. The Android operating system has made significant progress in recent years and has a significant share of the mobile phone market. Undoubtedly, it can be said that the fiercest competitor of Windows as the most common operating system a few years ago should be considered “Android”. Today, Android can be seen on any device: smartphones, tablets, smartwatches or even TVs! This lovable operating system is now an important part of our lives and we must prepare ourselves for the future development of this operating system.

The current project tries to port a raw image of the operating system to your computer while preparing new versions of the Android operating system. With this image, you can install the Android operating system on your system without the need for any other application. The fact of the matter is that emulators such as Bluestacks, Nox App Player, Genymotion, and others have developed and released official software using the same images. Now, the Android X86 project has also released the latest version of Android, which you can install to enjoy the latest features of Android 8 and 7 on your computer. Now you can download MongoDB software with a direct link and for free from Yas site.

Important points about the Android-x86 project:

– Each version of the Android operating system will be provided as a standalone image.
– The installation of this operating system, like any other operating system, is done by making a bootable disk. Therefore, it is suggested that you search for examples of these tools on the Yas Download website and refrain from asking questions related to these tools. Sample tools: YUMIUniversal USB InstallerMultiBootUSBRufus
– You can run this operating system either via a live boot disk or on one of the partitions. If desired, the possibility of using VirtualBox There is also for simulation.
– using Android emulatorRecommended for beginners to simplify this process. Therefore, if you encounter any error messages or need help with this method in installing the Android operating system on your computer, be sure to share the error message with us, preferably with screenshots in the comments section.

Pictures of the software environment:

Androidx86.cover1 300x190 - Android Download for PC - Android-x86 9.0-rc2 / 8.1-r3 / 7.1-r2 - Android Pie / Orio / Nokia


  • Format: ISO
  • Size: 600 ~ 900 MB
  • Source : یاس Download
  • Code:

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