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| Eni desk remote computer control program + Android version |

AnyDesk 6.2.3 Win / Mac / Android EniDisk is a useful application for remote communication with computer systems. With EniDisk software, you users can easily connect to a remote computer system and take control of the mouse and keyboard. The main use of this software is when you want to guide friends or customers of a particular service remotely. In such cases, it is sufficient that the source and destination system have installed the EniDisk software; After that, you can easily connect to the desired computer and take control of it. Similar software can be used to program Amy Admin Cited.

With the program انی دسک You can control your system from anywhere and also transfer your files. The ability to transfer documents and multimedia files is another feature of this program. The ability to easily exchange files, the ability to simulate the actual operation of the mouse and keyboard and a wide range of applications for remote computer technical support are the most important features of this software. You can now download AnyDesk software for PC and Android from Yas site.

Key features of AnyDesk software:

– Completely free and without restrictions

– Ability to communicate with remote computers

– Ability to take control of the mouse and keyboard in the destination system

– Ability to easily transfer files

Anydesk Frequently Asked Questions:

Is downloading and using AnyDesk free?

Yes, downloading and using AnyDesk software is completely free.

Which platforms can AnyDesk software be installed and run on?

AnyDesk software can be installed on Windows + Mac + Linux and Android platforms.

What can be done remotely by AnyDesk?

Ability to take control of mouse and keyboard in the destination system.

In addition AnyDesk software training You can read it here.

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