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Download Azure Data Studio 1.37.0 - Azure Data Studio

Download Azure Data Studio

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Azure Data Studio 1.37.0 is the name of a professional database management tool compatible with SQL Server, SQL DW, Azure SQL DB, which allows you to quickly access the contents of your database and write and execute the required queries. Formerly known as SQL Operations Studio, it is an open source, multi-platform (electron-based) tool that can be used on Windows, Mac and Linux. This software is fully compatible with SQL Server, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure SQL Database and has been created specifically for the personal use of developers to communicate with databases.

In the left side view of this software, you are dealing with a tree-shaped structure in which you can quickly access your database schema and click on the items below each to access the data. Query in this software is very fast and simple and users can use it as a lighter alternative to SSMS. Easy installation and setup, the ability to communicate quickly and easily with the database system, as well as a simple and attractive query writing environment are the most important features of this software that we hope you enjoy the experience. You can now download the latest version of Azure Data Studio software from the Yas website.

Features of Azure Data Studio software:

– Powerful database management tool compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux

– Ability to manage SQL Server connections with Connection Dialog, Server Groups, Registered Servers

– Ability to click and view the content of each schema

– Having a T-SQL editor query

– Ability to write advanced queries and display results

Ability to back up the database on a scheduled basis

– Ability to output data results in JSON, Excel, CSV format

– Support for CRUD SQL Server, SQL DW, Azure SQL DB operations

Pictures of the software environment:

Azure Data Studio.cover1 300x181 - Download Azure Data Studio 1.37.0 - Azer Data Studio Azure Data Studio.cover2 300x149 - Download Azure Data Studio 1.37.0 - Azer Data Studio

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