Download Best Fiends 10.7.1 game for Android + Infinity

Download the game Best Fiends 2.4.1 - the best demons for Android + infinite money

Download Best Fiends game for Android

| The best demons game for Android + infinite money |

Best Fiends 10.7.1 is a new game in the style of intellectual games, puzzles and Match 3 for gamers of Android devices. Little creatures live in peace and tranquility in the beautiful and lovable world of Minutia, one night a meteor suddenly enters their world and lands on a mountain. Following this collision, small green creatures called Slugs have emerged and have surrounded the families of the best demons.

To fight the Slugs, the best demons must successfully cross various levels and increase their score to get closer to the mountain. They must, while increasing their privileges and special powers, approach the mountain of the meteorite fall zone and reveal its secret mystery. In this game, you are faced with match 3 puzzles and colorful items that you have to put them together in threes and thus earn higher points. Now you can download Best Fiends game with a direct link and for free from Yas site.

Pictures of the game environment:

Bes1 Bes2 Bes3 Bes4

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