Download BonBon Web Browser 0.13.0

Download BonBon Web Browser 0.13.0 - BonBon Web Browser for Windows

Download BonBon Web Browser

| Bon Bon Internet Browser for Windows

BonBon Web Browser 0.13.0 is the name of a new, fast web browser focused on protecting the user’s privacy, which has several different user interfaces and can encrypt the user’s personal information as well as the history of visited pages locally. Choosing the right web browser is a process that takes into account a variety of issues. If you are looking for something beyond the ordinary choices, you have to look for a different option. The software that we have prepared for you in this article from Yas Download site is a tool that allows you to browse web pages with more speed and security.

Bon Bon Internet Browser is a practical, fast and secure choice against security threats with a focus on user privacy that has comprehensive features in this area. This software is equipped with several different graphical interfaces that you can activate whichever you like depending on your taste and needs. This web browser is made with Electron, React, TypeScript, Redux technologies and is much faster than other competing browsers and according to the developer, it is worth trying. This browser does not store your personal data or web browsing history, so it can work faster and more securely than other browsers. You can now download the latest version of BonBon Web Browser software from the Yas website.

Features of BonBon Web Browser:

Equipped with Boards feature: Display multiple web views with the ability to save and reuse them

– Equipped with encrypted history

– Ability to browse web pages in a dark and light view

Pictures of the software environment:

BonBon Web Browser.cover1 300x162 - Download BonBon Web Browser 0.13.0 - BonBon Web Browser for Windows BonBon Web Browser.cover2 300x163 - Download BonBon Web Browser 0.13.0 - BonBon Internet Browser for Windows

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