Download Dead Pixel Tester (DPT) 3.0

Download Dead Pixel Tester (DPT) 3.0 - Display Pixel Tester Software for Windows

Download Dead Pixel Tester

| Screen pixel testing software for Windows

Dead Pixel Tester (DPT) 3.0 is new, simple, low-volume software for testing dead or damaged pixels on LCD monitors. With this powerful yet simple program, you can identify defective pixels on your system screen with a set of ready-made patterns. As we all know, depending on how long the monitor lasts, it is normal for various defects to appear on the monitors. The software that we have prepared for you, dear users, in this article, provides you with the possibility to see the pixels of the burns in the LCD and to recognize them quickly.

The problem with burnt-out pixels is that users usually notice the crash much later than necessary. Additionally, you may need to test the health of a computer monitor, depending on your circumstances. In such cases, using a screen testing tool can be very helpful for you. Dead Pixel Tester software gives you the ability to test the health of your computer monitor with a few simple and quick tests, and if there are any possible problems, you will find out its location very soon. You can now download the latest version of Dead Pixel Tester software from the Yas website.

Features of Dead Pixel Tester (DPT) software:

Ability to quickly detect faults in LCD monitors

– Suitable for detecting defects in computer screens

– Compatibility with all generations of computer monitors

– Recognize burn pixels and various defects in screen pixels

– Having various color-based tests to detect screen defects and burned pixels

– Having a simple and user-friendly graphical interface

Pictures of the software environment:

Dead Pixel Tester.cover2 300x169 - Download Dead Pixel Tester (DPT) 3.0 - Display Pixel Testing Software for Windows Dead Pixel Tester.cover1 300x290 - Download Dead Pixel Tester (DPT) 3.0 - Display Pixel Testing Software for Windows

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