Download DeepL Pro 2.2.0 + Portable – Professional text translation tool in Windows environment

Download DeepL 1.6.3 Beta - Professional text translation tool for Windows

Download DeepL

| Professional text translation tool in Windows environment

| A more professional translator than Google Translate and Microsoft Bing Translator

DeepL Pro 2.2.0 + Portable is the name of a new and professional text translation tool for users in the Windows operating system environment. Perhaps the moment you start reading this, you are struggling with the thought that despite the powerful tools like Google Translate, what is the reason to go to another tool? The answer to this question lies in the limitations that Google Translate has! Google Translate is only able to translate texts for you by entering the exact phrase in the box and selecting the target language to view the translation. The software that we have in mind for you, dear users, in this article from the Yas Download site, provides the possibility that you can also translate the displayed texts of the Windows environment. In fact, this software does not need to enter editable texts; Because the text recognition technology of this program enables you to enter all the texts displayed in the Windows environment as input to the program and receive its translation in the language of your choice.

Dipal is an advanced and professional translator machine with which you, dear users, can select your favorite texts in any part of Windows and receive the equivalent in your favorite language. This software offers you a very high speed in translating texts. By just selecting your desired text in the system, a special box for translating the selected phrase will be shown to you at the bottom of the screen, by clicking on which you can see the translation of your desired phrase. Now you can download DeepL software with a direct link and for free from Yas site.

Features of DeepL software:

– Having a very high speed in translating text and phrases

– Ability to translate all texts displayed in Windows

– Having a completely innovative and new method for translating text

Pictures of the software environment:

DeepL.cover1 300x161 - Download DeepL Pro 2.2.0 + Portable - Professional text translation tool in Windows


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