Download EssentialPIM Pro Business 9.7 – Personal planning software

Download EssentialPIM Pro Business 9.7 - Personal planning software

Download EssentialPIM Pro Business

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EssentialPIM Pro Business 9.7 is the name of a new and practical software in the field of management and planning of personal affairs that by using its features, you will not forget any of your daily plans. If you are one of those people who always have a busy day and at the end of the day you forget a lot of things, the software that we have considered for you in this article is designed for you! With this app, you will have access to a professional calendar, note-taking environment, setting actions and tasks, as well as a password management system. For example, in the advanced and widely used calendar of this software, you can record the actions and reminders of different days of the week and take care of all your affairs at its specific time.

Today, computers and mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives. This allows the software to accommodate tasks such as scheduling tasks, reminders, calendar access, and… in general, eliminating the need for notebooks, desktop calendars, to-do lists, and so on. Current software provides you with a space where you can store your personal planning and day-to-day management in a fully digital space and never neglect your daily tasks and tasks. Having a beautiful graphical interface, the ability to set an unlimited number of events, to-do list and… are the main features of this popular and popular software. You can now download the EssentialPIM Pro Business software with a direct link and for free from the Yas site.

Features of EssentialPIM Pro Business software:

– Ability to store all information in a safe place

– Ability to easily search the information entered

– Having a cloud delivery system to synchronize data between Windows and mobile versions

– Compatibility with information in Google Calendar, iCloud and Google Drive

– Ability to specify events, actions, notes and…

– Ability to encrypt the entered information

Pictures of the software environment:

EssentialPIM.cover1 1 300x174 - Download EssentialPIM Pro Business 9.7 - Personal Planning Software

Installation guide

– Install the program
– Copy the contents of the Crack folder (contained in the zip file you downloaded) to the program installation location


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