Download Google Earth Pro Final + Portable – Google Earth software

Download Google Earth Pro Final + Portable - Google Earth software

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Google Earth Pro + Portable Today, I have prepared for you, dear users, the latest version and the latest version of Google Earth Google Earth software. With software Google Earth Google Earth You can search for images, maps, and geographic information from around the world, and by simply typing in the name of the area, you can access its details with Zoom..

Other features of the app Google Earth Exclusive searches include schools, parks, restaurants as well as hotels. One of the features of Google Earth software is to change attractive live positions, in 3D, as well as Save and Share it. You can now download the latest version of Google Earth software for free from Yas.

The main features of Google Earth software:

– Ability to search for areas such as: Restaurants, Hotels and even driving directions
– Ability to display classifieds of parks, schools, hospitals, airports and…
– Aerial photography and visible 3D data that is complete and flawless from the ground
– View the desired points with details such as: buildings, streets and…
– Ability to view your location and the ability to zoom in on it multiple times
– No need for Usrename & Password to connect to Google server
– Ability to calculate the area and environment of Path & Polygon & Circles
– Ability to find the latitude and longitude of your location
– Ability to see the oceans and go to the underwater world
– Ability to view the solar system and other planets
– Ability to print images in five qualities suitable for the plotter
– Ability to save satellite images with five qualities
– Compatible with various windows, including Windows 8, 10
– Ability to take quality photos of the desired points
– New feature of Google Earth Flight Simulator
– Ability to search to find the desired point
– Fully 3D display of all results
– Prepare a video of the flight on the desired area
– Has Google Sky emulator
– Travel on Earth, Mars, Moon and Space
– Support for Shirin Persian language
– Can be connected to GPS devices
– Estimate the distance between two places
And …

required system

Operating System: Windows XP and later.
CPU: Pentium 3, 500Mhz.
System Memory (RAM): 512MB.
Hard Disk: 500MB free space.
Network Speed: 128 Kbits/sec.

Graphics Card: DirectX9 and 3D capable with 64MB of VRAM.

Installation guide

– To activate the software (Pro version), you must enter the email and then enter the key in the GEPFREE section. This version is available for free.


  • Format: EXE
  • Size: 58/66/81 MB
  • Source : Yas Download
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